February 8, 1968

Following the protest against a segregated bowling alley two days before, hundreds of students gathered on the campus of South Carolina State. Highway patrolmen opened fire on the unarmed students killing three and injuring dozens more. Activist Cleveland Sellers was the only individual arrested and convicted as the instigator of… Read More

March 13, 1968

African American students from across South Carolina demonstrate at the State House in response to the Orangeburg Massacre. Read More

November 27, 1969

The United Citizens Party is organized in South Carolina due to the Democratic Party’s refusal to nominate black candidates and support legislation to improve economic conditions. Read More

September 1970

The court ordered desegregation of 21 South Carolina school districts begins. The following month, black and white students clash at A.C. Flora High School in Columbia. Over the next few years, racial skirmishes are commonplace in high schools across the state. Read More

November 1970

Herbert Fielding of Charleston and I. S. Leevy Johnson and James Felder of Columbia become the first African Americans elected to the State House of Representatives since Reconstruction. Read More

April 1971

Beaufort, S.C. native and World Heavyweight Champion “Smokin’” Joe Frazier addresses the State Legislature, calling for racial reconciliation and tolerance among the state’s citizens. Read More

April 5, 1983

Luther Battiste, III and E.W. Cromartie, II are sworn in as the first African American members of the Columbia City Council. … Read More